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Productive machine translations

· 2 min read
Simon Prévost

🎵 Domo arigato machine translations 🎵

Leveraging machine translations can significantly enhance the experiences of both translators and developers. The process of developing features in an application with multiple languages can be time-consuming. When adding a new translation in your mother tongue, it entails opening translation files, inserting the same key, and then endeavoring to craft coherent translations. This task is error-prone and can be nearly impossible when you lack fluency in every language supported by your app.

Now, utilizing machine translations, you can effortlessly translate strings using external services such as Google Translate!

Inline translation

Wherever there is a <textarea>, you have access to the machine translation shortcut. The shortcut automatically utilizes the provider configured in the settings, and it even detects the language to accurately translate from anywhere.

Document translation

Navigate through the file list, where you can seamlessly translate and export an entire batch of text directly from all supported Accent formats. This streamlined process allows for efficient and comprehensive translation management, enhancing your workflow and ensuring consistent and accurate results across various file types.

File translation

It can also take arbitrary file!

On sync

Furthermore, it offers the flexibility to be configured for automatic execution upon the occurrence of a new synchronization. This means that when a user synchronizes the main language, the system will automatically populate all translations with the assistance of the machine translation provider. This automated feature enhances efficiency by ensuring that translations are seamlessly updated, providing a hassle-free and up-to-date language management experience.

The cost-effectiveness of these APIs makes them an accessible and valuable resource, providing a compelling rationale for incorporating them into your toolkit. By integrating translation APIs into Accent, you can unlock a wealth of linguistic capabilities at your fingertips, optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your language-related tasks without incurring unnecessary expenses.