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Yet another AI assistant

· One min read
Simon Prévost

Jira Board 2023: As a user, I want to use AI, to be able to work faster

Now available in Accent, the integration with OpenAI is made accessible to everyone for the correction and improvement of texts.

With 100% configurable instructions, you can automate complex tasks, correct texts, or even standardize the tone of the translations of your project!


With one OpenAI key per project, you will give all your collaborators an AI assistant available wherever text editing is possible in Accent.



  • Translate the text in English.
  • Correct syntax errors.
  • Rewrite the text in a more professional tone.
  • Propose 4 other ways that this text could be written.
  • Remove word repetition if any.

Now go find the best way to use AI to improve your life!