Service integrations

Accent provides integrations with your favorite tools. Slack-only for now :)


The integration is pretty basic for now. Once your project has been setup, the output of a sync will look like this:

Output slack

Go to Slack web interface

Step 1

In the Manage section

Step 2

Manage Incoming Webhooks

Step 3

Choose your channel

Step 4

Copy the full URL

Step 5

Paste it in your project!

Create a new “Service & Integration” and use the Webhook URL from Slack.

Step 6


The integration is pretty basic for now. It’s the same integration as Slack.

See this guide on how to obtain a webhook URL that you can use in Accent:


GitHub integration is used to sync files from GitHub to Accent.

With a push event from GitHub, Accent reads the repo’s accent.json file. It basically does the same processing as accent-cli but server-side.

The push event from GitHub is triggered on branch push and pull request merge so it integrates really well into a developer workflow.

Webhook setup


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